Changes to
                      The RAND MH Message Handling System:
                               UCI version MH 6.8

                                 John L. Romine

                            Computing Support Group
                        Information and Computer Science
                        University of California, Irvine
                             Irvine, CA  92717-3425


                    This document describes the changes to the
               UCI version of the RAND MH system from MH 6.6 to
               this release of MH 6.8.  This document is meant to
               supplement, not supersede, the standard MH User's
               manual and MH Administrator's manual.

                    Comments concerning this documentation should
               be addressed to the mailbox Bug-MH@ICS.UCI.EDU.
               Current information about MH can be obtained from
               the MH Home Page on the World Wide Web at


          The MH system described herein is based on the original RAND
          MH system.  It has been extensively developed (perhaps too
          much so) by Marshall T. Rose and John L. Romine at the
          University of California, Irvine.  Einar A. Stefferud, Jerry
          N. Sweet, and Terry P. Domae provided numerous suggestions
          to improve the UCI version of MH.

               Of course, a large number of people have helped MH
          along.  The list of "MH immortals" is too long to list here.
          For this release, numerous MH-Workers sent in fixes and
          other changes.  A handful of courageous MH-Workers volun-
          teered to beta-test these changes; their help is particu-
          larly appreciated.


          The Regents of the University of California wish to make  it
          known that:

               Although each  program  has  been  tested  by  its
               contributor,  no  warranty, express or implied, is
               made by  the  contributor  or  the  University  of
               California,  as to the accuracy and functioning of
               the program  and  related  program  material,  nor
               shall the fact of distribution constitute any such
               warranty, and no responsibility is assumed by  the
               contributor  or  the  University  of California in
               connection herewith.


          In this document, certain formatting conventions are adhered

               The names of UNIX commands, such as comp are  presented
               in italics.

               Arguments to programs, such as `msgs' and `-nobell' are
               delimited by single-quotes.

               Text that  should  be  typed  exactly  as-is,  such  as
               command  lines (e.g., "folder -pack"), are delimited by

               UNIX pathnames and envariables, such  as  /usr/uci  and
               $SIGNATURE, are presented in bold font.

          CHANGES FOR MH 6.8.4

          The MH 6.8.4 release is a minor maintenance release, and
          contains few user-visible changes.  The changes consist
          mostly of documentation improvements, minor bug fixes, and
          some portability enhancements for BSD 4.4 and Solaris 2.x
          (contributed changes for HPUX and OSF1 have not yet been
          integrated into this release).  This is the current version
          of MH as of February 8, 1996.

          Runtime Tailoring

          By default post will now give the SMTP HELO command with the
          local hostname.  If you specify a hostname with the
          clientname: option in the mtstailor file, post will give the
          HELO command with that name instead.  If the argument to the
          clientname: option is empty, no HELO command is given.  See
          mh-tailor(5) for more details.

          Multi-media Mail & Encryption

          A few new PGP support programs can be found in the
          support/general directory.  repl supports the `-[no]mime'
          option.  See repl(1) for more details.

          CHANGES FOR MH 6.8.3

          The MH 6.8.3 maintenance release contains few user-visible
          changes.  Most of the changes are internal to the multi-
          media display program mhn to support RFC 1521 (the new MIME
          standard).  This is the current version of MH as of December
          1, 1993.

          Runtime Tailoring

          When posting mail using the SMTP, post did not normally send
          the HELO command. This was because SendMail would fail if
          the host name given in the HELO command was the local host.
          Later versions of SendMail will now complain if you omit the
          HELO command.

          User Interface Programs

          folder  The folder command now has `-create' and `-nocreate'
                  options.  See folder(1) for details.

          inc     A bug where `-host' would not override the pophost
                  as set in the mtstailor file has been fixed.  This
                  bug was also fixed in msgchk.

          mhn     The mhn command has several changes:  updates for
                  conformance with RFC 1521, addition of two caches:
                  public and private, addition of two caching poli-
                  cies: one for reading and one for writing, support
                  for storing multipart entities, and a few bug fixes.
                  See mhn(1) for complete details.

          CHANGES FOR MH 6.8.2

          The MH.6.8.2 patch release contains only internal changes to
          support the BSD 4.4 and 386BSD versions of UNIX.  This ver-
          sion of MH was released August 25, 1993, but was not widely

          CHANGES FOR MH 6.8.1

          The MH.6.8.1 patch release is a maintenance release.  This
          is the current released version of MH as of August 20, 1993.

               This release includes a small number of bug fixes, a
          few minor enhancements, some changes for the new MIME stan-
          dard, and support for ESMTP (RFC 1425).  Support for BSD 4.4
          and 386BSD is planned for the next release.

               Many other fixes which have already been received are
          still being merged.  If you've sent an update for MH 6.8 to
 and it isn't in this release, it'll prob-
          ably appear in the next release.

          Fixes and Enhancements

          Many minor documentation corrections were made.  There are
          also a few program changes:

          mhn   The `-cache policy', `-[no]check', and `-[no]pause'
                switches have been added.   Some other minor changes
                have been made to comply with the new MIME standard.
                See mhn(1) for complete details.

          post  When posting mail with SendMail, post will not use the
                ONEX command when it is posting a message with BCCs.

          scan  scan will now work with big width values.

          Format Strings

          One new function has been added:

          %(profile arg)  This function looks up a component in the
                          .mh_profile or context files and returns the
                          value of that component.


          Two new configuration options are present:

          GCOS_HACK    The so-called "gcos" field of the password file
                       is used as a last resort to find the user's
                       full name (see mh-profile(5) for details).
                       Enable this option if your passwd(5) man page
                       notes that the `&' character in the "gcos"
                       field stands for the login name.

          NORUSERPASS  Tells MH that your system doesn't have the
                       ruserpass(3) routine; MH will include its own
                       copy of this routine in its library.

          CHANGES FOR MH 6.8

          This is the current released version of MH as of December
          14, 1992.  This release includes a number of bug fixes and
          internal changes to make the code more portable.  Two new
          authentication methods are provided for the POP, and support
          for SVR4 shared libraries is complete.

               The major user-visible change in this release is the
          incorporation of support for multi-media mail as specified
          by the Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME)
          RFC 1341.  This allows you to include things like audio,
          graphics, and the like, in your mail messages.  A new com-
          mand, mhn, has been provided to support MIME and a detailed
          man page is provided in mhn(1).


          The documentation has some general improvements, and the
          READ-ME document has been re-organized to help MH adminis-
          trators find the appropriate configuration options for their
          system.  The Makefiles in the papers/ hierarchy have been
          changed to invoke TeX as "tex" (instead of "tex82").

          The following new man pages are also available:

          mhn(1)      mhn helps the user process multi-media mail.

          mhparam(1)  mhparam lets the user extract information from
                      the MH profile.

          popauth(8)  the APOP database administration program (see

          popi(1)     the POP initiator (see below).

          slocal(1)   fully documents slocal.  The mhook(1) man page
                      now documents only the MH receive-mail hooks.

          Internal Changes

          The MH source code is in the process of being cleaned up to
          make pedantic ANSI C compilers happy.  Occurrences of "NULL"
          have been replaced by "0" where appropriate.  Extra tokens
          after "#else" and "#endif" have been put inside comments
          (this is still in progress).  The code should now compile
          cleanly on many more systems, specifically, more variants of

               The version of tws/dtimep.c which was included in MH
          6.7.2 was incompatible with the lex library on some systems,
          and has been removed.

               A bug in the handling of blind lists inside alias files
          has been fixed.

          Post Office Protocol

          There were three new options added to the POP.

          APOP  This option indicates that the POP daemon will support
                the   non-standard   APOP  command  which  provides  a
                challenge-based authentication system  using  the  MD5
                message digest algorithm.

                This option also causes  the  popauth  program  to  be
                installed,   which   allows   the   administrator   to
                manipulate the APOP authorization database.

          KPOP  Support for KERBEROS with POP.  This code builds popd,
                inc and msgchk to support only the "kpop" protocol.
                This code is still expiremental, but is available for
                those sites wishing to test it.

          MPOP  This option indicates that the POP daemon will support
                the non-standard XTND SCAN command which provides per-
                formance enhancements when using the POP over low-
                speed connections.

                This option also causes an interactive POP client pro-
                gram, popi, to be compiled and installed.  A man page
                for the popi program is also provided.  This option
                requires the configuration to have "bboards: pop".

          The APOP and MPOP non-standard POP facilities are documented
          in The Internet Message (ISBN 0-13-092941-7), a book by
          Marshall T. Rose.  For more details, see support/pop/pop-
          more.txt and the Administrator's Guide.  The APOP option
          peacefully co-exists with the standard POP, KPOP completely
          replaces the standard POP, and MPOP requires "bboards: pop".

          File Locking

          The file locking code has been cleaned up to support three
          kinds of kernel-level file locking.  As appropriate for your
          system, include the LOCKF, FCNTL or FLOCK option.  For more
          details, see mh-tailor(5).

          Configuration Directives

          A number of new configuration directives have been added  or
          changed.  The full details are given in the READ-ME.

          cp:        The command used to  install  new  files  if  not

          ln:        The command used to link files  together  in  the
                     source tree if not "ln".

          mts:       Full support for ZMAILER has been added.

          popdir:    The directory where popd will be installed if not

          regtest:   Set to "on" to prevent the hostname  and  compile
                     date from being included in MH binaries.

          sharedlib: You may now specify "sun4" or "sys5"  (for  SVR4)
                     shared libraries.

          signal:    Specifies the base type of the function  returned
                     by  signal().   This  was previously defined with
                     "options TYPESIG".

          Several `-D' options to cc have been added or changed:

          APOP       Authenticated POP (see above).

          AUX        Support for A/UX systems.

          DBMPWD     The DBM option has been renamed DBMPWD.

          HESIOD     Support for the HESIOD name server.

          KPOP       KERBEROS POP (see above).

          LOCALE     Support for local characters sets; uses the set-
                     local() function.

          MAILGROUP  Makes inc set-group-id.  You may need this option
                     if your /usr/spool/mail is not world-writeable.

          MIME       Multi-media mail.

          MPOP       Mobile POP (see above).

          MSGID      Enables slocal to detect and surpress duplicate

          OSF1       Support for DEC OSF1 systems.  May be incomplete.

          RENAME     Include this option if your system has a rename()
                     system call.

          SVR4       Support for System 5 Release 4 or newer systems.

          TYPESIG    This option has been dropped.  See `signal'

          UNISTD     Include this option if your system has the
                     include file <unistd.h>.

          VSPRINTF   Include this option if your system has the
                     vsprintf() library routine; otherwise, _doprnt()
                     will be used.

          YEARMOD    Forces the mh-format `year' function to return
                     2-digit values.  Use this option during a brief
                     transition period if you have local mh-format
                     files which need to be converted to support 4-
                     digit years.


          In addition to the configuration changes mentioned above, a
          number of functional changes have been made to the system.
          Many programs have new features added and a few new programs
          have are provided. Each command's manual page gives complete
          information about the its operation.  Here is a short sum-
          mary of the changes.

          MH Sequences

          A larger number of user-defined sequences are available.
          Previously, this number had been 10.  On 32-bit systems, 26
          user-defined sequences are available.

          Profile Components

          MH programs will now complain if the .mh_profile does not
          end in a newline.  Also, one enhancement and one new profile
          component are provided:

          Aliasfile:  Multiple filenames may now be given.

          Inbox:      New; the default folder (for inc, etc.) if not

          Format Strings

          A few minor bugs were fixed in format string handling, and a
          few  new features were added.  See mh-format(5) for complete

          Addresses      An  attempt  is  made   to   decipher   X.400
                         RFC 987-style addresses.

          Comments       Comments may be added to mh-format  files;  a
                         comment  begins with the 2-character sequence
                         "%;", and ends with an un-escaped newline.

          %(modulo n)    The `modulo' function escape has been added.

          %(year{date})  The  date  parser  has   been   enhanced   to
                         understand  more illegal date formats; `year'
                         now returns a 4-digit number.

          User Interface Programs

          A number of MH commands have minor changes:

          ali       The output with `-user -list' was changed to match
                    the output with `-nouser -list'.

          burst     Will no longer drop the last message of a digest.

          inc       Accepts the `-apop' switch for authenticated POP
                    (see above); will attempt to detect write errors
                    (e.g., no space left on device) when incorporating
                    mail; no longer replaces newline characters with

          folder    The `-noprint' option was broken and has been

          forw      Supports `-mime' to use MIME-style multi-part mes-

          mhl       Will no longer put an extra space at the end of
                    the `%{text}' in a formatfield.

          mhn       New; manipulates multi-media (MIME) messages; a
                    detailed man page is provided.

          mhparam   New; reads the MH profile (and context) and writes
                    the values of the specified components on the
                    standard output; useful in programmatic con-

          msgchk    Supports `-apop' (see above).

          packmbox  New; packs an MH folder into a UUCP-style mailbox.

          popi      New; a client-side POP initiator; available only
                    if you built MH with the MPOP option (see above).

          refile    A bug where the `rmmproc' did not remove all
                    specified message files has been fixed.

          scan      The `-file' option is fully supported and will no
                    longer complain about empty folders.

          send      Supports `-mime' and `-split' to split large mes-
                    sages into multiple partial messages using MIME.

          Support Programs

          fmtdump   Can now read a format file, or a format string
                    given on the command line.

          popauth   New; manages the APOP authorization database (see

          sendmail  The sendmail replacement will be installed only if
                    your `mts' setting uses the `/smtp' option.

          slocal    A new man page for slocal is available; the new
                    `mbox' action is available to write a file in
                    packf format; a bug where extra `>' characters
                    were written to MMDF-style maildrops has been
                    fixed; if compiled with the MSGID option, can
                    detect and suppress reception of duplicate mes-

          viamail   New; bundles a directory (like shar) and sends it
                    through multi-media mail.

          CHANGES FOR MH 6.7.2

          The MH.6.7.2 patch release is a maintenance release.  This
          is the current released version of MH as of February 1,

               This release now supports the NCR Tower running SYS5R4.
          The WP changes installed in MH.6.7.0 have been removed.

          Shared Libraries

          Support for SYS 5 shared libraries is in progress.

               Support for Sun OS 4.0 shared libraries had been
          improved.  The MH library has been modified to move initial-
          ized data into a data definition file.  The shared library
          will now consist of a and file.  The
          shared library version number will no longer track the MH
          patch release number, and its numbering begins with version
          `1.1' with this release.

          Replacement SendMail

          Since many standard system programs expect to post mail by
          invoking /usr/lib/sendmail, a minimal replacement SendMail
          is provided in this release.  This replacement is meant to
          be installed on (e.g., diskless) client workstations which
          post mail using SMTP, and do not run a message transport
          system.  It will call post to post mail; be sure you have
          configured MH with the `/smtp' mts option.  This sendmail
          replacement is installed in your MH etc directory, and you
          should link /usr/lib/sendmail to it.

          Format Strings

          A manual page for the fmtdump format string disassembler  is
          supplied, and some new format functions were added:

          folder   In scan, this component escape contains the name of
                   the current folder.  It is not defined for other MH

          getenv   This  function  escape  returns  the  value  of  an
                   environment variable.

               There will be some additional changes in these routines
          in the next patch release.

          Other Bug Fixes and Enhancements

          In addition to some other minor enhancements, some bugs were
          fixed which in general were not user-visible:

          Blind lists   Users may now specify RFC822 address groups in
                        their   alias   files.    These   groups   are
                        implemented by MH as blind lists.

          date parsing  A number of sites have brain-damaged  versions
                        of lex.  MH will now come with the date parser
                        already run through lex.

          mark          A bug dealing with mark and the sequence named
                        `cur' is fixed.  This was previously a problem
                        for mh-e users.

          MH.doc        The MH nroff version of the manual  no  longer
                        contains teletype escape sequences.

          scan          Can now handle headers as long as 512 bytes.

          Signals       MH programs will no longer catch the  HUP  and
                        TERM  signals while waiting for a sub-process.
                        This was  causing  hung  processes  when  your
                        terminal line was was dropped unexpectedly.

          Signature     If your signature is not defined, MH will  use
                        the   value   of   the  gecos  field  of  your
                        /etc/passwd entry as your signature.

    A bug in the awk script  in  config/
                        was fixed.

          CHANGES FOR MH 6.7.1a

          The MH.6.7.1a patch was made available on January 25, 1991
          for limited distribution only.  (This release had some known
          bugs, and so was not widely distributed.)  This release
          incorporates several new features of particular note to
          users of sequences and format strings, as well as some gen-
          eral documentation improvements.  There are a few minor
          enhancements and internal bug fixes also.  Complete documen-
          tation of these changes is given in the individual manual
          pages, and the READ-ME file.

          Message Sequences

          A new manual page, mh-sequence (5), has been added.  This
          manual page attempts to completely document the syntax and
          semantics of MH message sequence specifications.

               A powerful new feature is the ability to specify mes-
          sage ranges with user-defined sequences.  The  specification
          "name:n" may be used, and it designates up to the first `n'
          messages (or  last  `n' messages  for  `-n') which  are
          elements  of the user-defined sequence `name'.

               The message specifications "name:next" and "name:prev"
          may also be used, and they designate the next or previous
          message (relative to the current message) which is an ele-
          ment of the user-defined sequence `name'.  The specifica-
          tions "name:first" and "name:last" are equivalent to
          "name:1" and "name:-1", respectively.  The specification
          "name:cur" is not allowed (use just "cur" instead).

               These specifications allow the user to step through a
          sequence with a command like "show name:next".

          Format Strings

          MH format strings now support an if-then-elseif-else clause
          (the `elseif' is new).  This will make format strings with
          multi-case conditions somewhat less complex.

               A new format function `addr' had been added.  This
          function takes an address header name as its argument, and
          returns a rendering of the address contained in that header
          as "user@host" or "host!user".

               Format widths now may be specified as a negative
          number.  This causes the output to be right-justified within
          the format width.

          Other Changes

          Along with a few minor enhancements, some  bugs  were  fixed
          which in general were not user-visible:

          fmtdump  This  new  program  produces   an   pseudo-language
                   representation   of  an  MH  format  file,  vaguely
                   reminiscent  of  assembly  language.   While   this
                   output  format is not explicitly documented, it can
                   still be useful when debugging MH format files.

          refile   Now takes a `-[no]rmmproc' switch.  This  makes  it
                   easier  to  avoid  loops  when your "rmmproc" calls

          slocal   A  problem  with  the  UUCP-style  mailboxes,   the
                   `RPATHS'  configuration  option,  and  the "Return-
                   Path:" header was fixed.

          sortm    Will ensure that no messages  are  lost  if  it  is

          whatnow  Will now tell you where it is  leaving  the  draft,
                   when  interrupted  in the initial edit.  Previously
                   the draft was simply unlinked.

          Compilation Options

          LOCKF    This option causes MH to  use  the  lockf()  system
                   call   for   locking  (if  available),  instead  of

          CHANGES FOR MH 6.7.1

          The MH.6.7.1 patch release is a maintenance release, and as
          such, provides few changes from the previous release.  This
          is the current released version of MH as of December 14,

          User-Visible Changes

          The major change in this release is to the POP daemon
          (popd).  In MH 6.7, it was changed to be able to read both
          UUCP and MMDF-style mailboxes.  This did not work as
          reported.  The code has now been changed to parse MMDF-style
          mailboxes if you are configuring MH to run with MMDF as your
          message transport system.  Otherwise, UUCP-style mailboxes
          are expected.

               Since there are number of client programs available for
          only the POP2 protocol instead of POP3, popd has been
          updated to support both protocols.  This is a major win.  If
          you are compiling with POP turned on, add the `POP2' option
          to your MH config file, and the POP daemon will respond to
          POP2 or POP3 commands.  If you're using POP, there's no rea-
          son not to include this option; it does not affect the
          existing support for POP3.

          Internal Changes

          Some bugs were fixed which in general were not user-visible:

          context     Errors when writing out sequences  are  detected

          inc         No  longer  inserts  extra  blank   lines   into

          mh-format   A nil pointer bug  in  the  address  parser  was

          repl, etc.  The malloc/free problem has been fixed.

          rmf         A spelling error in the `-nointeractive'  switch
                      has been corrected.

          rcvtty      Will not print the message size if not available
                      (i.e., zero).

          send/post   Illegal signatures  (those  containing  unquoted
                      "."s) will be quoted.

          GENERAL CHANGES FOR MH 6.7.0

          The author is pleased to announce that there are very few
          user-visible changes to MH 6.7 from the previous MH 6.6 dis-
          tribution.  The majority of development was in the form of
          bug fixes and slight enhancements.  In addition, this
          release is slightly faster than the previous release.  With
          a few minor exceptions, it is backward-compatible with the
          previous release.  MH 6.7.0 is the current released version
          of MH as of April 12, 1990.

               The changes were made mainly to generalize the source
          code to be compatible with a larger range of systems and
          compilers.  There were many small changes to add declara-
          tions for ANSI C compliance.  The System 5 support has been
          brought up to SYS5 R3, and there is support for Sun OS 4.0.

          User-Visible Changes

          Here a quick summary of the changes that were made which are
          not backward-compatible with the previous release of MH:

          repl   The `-format' and `-noformat' switches have not been
                 functional since MH 5, and have been removed.  Any
                 users who have these switches in their .mh_profile,
                 will have to remove them.

          sortm  Previously, in most cases sortm would fill-in any
                 gaps in the numbering of a folder, by renumbering the
                 messages starting with `1'.  This will no longer
                 occur; for this behavior, use "folder -pack".

          Using Aliases

          A new profile entry `Aliasfile:' has been added.  The ali,
          send, and whom programs will look for this profile entry and
          treat it as they would an argument to `-alias'.  This should
          make it easier for novice MH users to begin using aliases.

          Reading Network News & BBoards

          The UCI BBoards facility can read local BBoards, and if com-
          piled with the `bboards: pop' and `pop: on' options, can
          also read remote BBoards using the Post Office Protocol (POP
          ver. 3).  With this release, MH can instead be compiled to
          read the Network News (i.e., USENET) using the Network News
          Transfer Protocol (NNTP).

               This capability is enabled by compiling MH with the
          `bboards: nntp' and `pop: on' options.  Unfortunately, read-
          ing remote BBoards via the POP and reading the Network News
          via the NNTP are mutually exclusive options.

               To support the NNTP, a new module, uip/pshsbr.c, is
          compiled and loaded into bbc and msh instead of
          uip/popsbr.c.  The default BBoard is changed from "system"
          to "general" for the NNTP.

               When reading BBoards, bbc will first look for local
          BBoards, and then contact the NNTP server to read the Net-
          work News.  The location of the NNTP server should be speci-
          fied with the `nntphost:'  entry in the mtstailor file (see
          the MH Administrator's Guide for details), or may be speci-
          fied on the command line with the `-host' switch.

          Format Strings

          The manual page mh-format (5) has been rewritten to give a
          better explanation of how to write format strings, and how
          they are interpreted by MH.  A line-by-line description of
          the default repl form file (replcomps) is now included in
          that manual page.

          Some new  format  functions  were  added,  and  others  were

          trim        Strips any leading and trailing white-space from
                      the current string value.

          date2local  Will coerce the date to the local timezone.

          date2gmt    Will coerce the date to GMT.

          divide      Divides  the  current  numeric  value   by   its
                      argument.   This  could  be  useful for building
                      scan format strings which  print  large  message
                      sizes in "Kb" or "Mb".

          friendly    If the address  field  cannot  be  parsed,  this
                      function  will  return  the  text of the address
                      header, instead of a null string.

          szone       A  flag  indicating  whether  the  timezone  was
                      explicit in the date string.


          In addition to the general changes mentioned above, many
          programs have specific new features added, either by new
          switches or by expanded functionality.  Each command's
          manual page gives complete information about its new
          options.  Here is a short summary.

          User Interface Programs

          anno      Accepts a `-nodate' switch which inhibits the date
                    annotation, leaving only the body annotation.

          folder    When invoked with the `-pack' switch and the new
                    `-verbose' switch, folder will give information
                    about the actions taken to renumber the folder.

                    On most systems, folder can now create any
                    non-existing parent folders of a new sub-folder.

          forw      When making digests, forw will put the issue and
                    volume numbers in addition to the digest list
                    name, in the digest trailer.

          inc       Detects NFS write failures, and will not zero your
                    maildrop in that event.

          msh       Supports a variant of the new sortm.

          prompter  Considers a period on a line by itself to signify
                    end-of-file when the `-doteof' switch is speci-

          repl      The `-[no]format' switches have not been used
                    since MH 5 and have been deleted. repl will now
                    find filter files in the MH library area.

          scan      With the `-file msgbox' switch, scan can list a
                    packf'd-format file directly (without using msh).

                    Lists messages in reverse order with the
                    `-reverse' switch.  This should be considered a

          sortm     Now has the options:  `-textfield field',
                    `-notextfield', `-limit days', and `-nolimit'.

                    With these options, sortm can be instructed to
                    sort a folder based on the contents of an arbi-
                    trary header such as "subject".

                    sortm minimizes renaming messages, and will no
                    longer arbitrarily pack folders; for this
                    behavior, use "folder -pack".

          whatnow   Deletes the draft by renaming it with leading
                    comma, instead of unlinking it.

          MH Support Programs

          The  following  support  programs  also  have   changes   or

          mhl     Will now accept a format string  on  any  component,
                  not just on addresses and dates.

          popd    Will use shadow passwords if compiled with the SHA-
                  DOW option.  It can now also read UUCP-style mail-
                  drops directly.

          rcvtty  If given no arguments, rcvtty will produce a scan
                  listing as specified by a format string or file; a
                  default format string is used if one is not speci-

                  Before the listing is written to the users terminal,
                  the terminal's bell is rung and a newline is output.
                  The `-nobell' and the `-nonewline' options inhibit
                  these functions.

                  rcvtty will obey terminal write notification set by
                  mesg.  With the `-biff' switch, rcvtty will also
                  obey the mail notification status set by biff.

                  On BSD43 systems, as with write, rcvtty will be
                  installed set-group-id to the group "tty".

          slocal  Understands UUCP-style "From " lines and will write
                  output files using this format if appropriate.
                  Before invoking a delivery program, slocal will
                  strip such lines unless compiled with the RPATHS
                  option, in which case it will will convert such
                  lines into "Return-Path:" headers.

                  slocal has a new result code "N", for use in .mail-
                  delivery files.  With this result code, slocal will
                  perform the action only if the message has not been
                  delivered and the previous action succeeded.  This
                  allows for performing an action only if multiple
                  conditions are true.


          Several of the older MH papers have been difficult to format
          because they depended on an older version of PhDTeX which
          was not supplied.  These papers have been updated, and some
          TeX library files are supplied in papers/doclib/, so that
          these papers may be generated on any system with TeX.

               Many of the manual pages have been revised to include
          documentation of new command options, and some have been
          expanded to give more detail.  All are now slightly refor-
          matted at installation time to make them more compatible
          with programs like makewhatis.


          This section describes changes in configuring, compiling and
          installing MH 6.7 and should not be of interest to casual MH
          users.  The READ-ME file has been considerably revised and
          expanded to give more detail about the configuration and
          compilation options which have been included in this
          release.  Some compilation options have been removed, and
          many new options have been added.

               All MH Makefiles have been updated to work around some
          incompatibilities introduced in newer versions of make.  MH
          programs will no longer be installed with the sticky-bit
          turned on.

               Reading this section not a substitute for carefully
          reading the READ-ME file before attempting to compile MH

          Bug Fixes

          Some bugs were fixed which in general were not user-visible:

          address parser  Fixed to allow use of the "AT"  domain,  and
                          some  minor  bugs  were  fixed pertaining to
                          address groups.

          date parser     Improved to accept  more  forms  of  illegal
                          dates.  Military timezones were removed.

          dynamic memory  Many problems with corruption of the dynamic
                          memory pool have been fixed.

          locking         Will open files for write, if  necessary  to
                          enable locking.

          nil pointers    All reported nil pointer problems have  been

          replcomps       The "In-Reply-To:" header had  quotes  added
                          around the date field to comply with RFC822.

          White Pages

          If MH is compiled with the WP option, send recognizes an
          address between "<<" and ">>" characters such as:

                  To: << rose -org psi >>

          to be a name meaningful to a whitepages service.  In order
          to expand the name, send must be invoked interactively
          (i.e., not from push).  For each name, send will invoke a
          command called fred in a special mode asking to expand the

               To get a copy of the white pages service, contact

          Configuration Options

          Some configuration options have been added or changed:

          cc          To specify an alternate C compiler.

          ccoptions   Defaults to `-O'.

          bboards     May now be defined as "on", "off", "pop", or

          bbdelivery  Determines whether the bboard delivery agent and
                      library files should be installed.

          lex         To specify an alternate version of lex.

          mailgroup   If defined, inc will be made set-group-id to
                      this group.

          sharedlib   For SUN40 systems; if "on", makes libmh.a into a
                      shared library.

          slibdir     The directory where the above shared library
                      should be installed.

          sprintf     Set this to "int" if that's what your
                      sprintf (3) library routine returns.

          Compilation Options

          For different configurations, several `-D' options to cc
          have been added or changed:

          BERK        This disables the address and date parsing rou-
                      tines.  If you want to do much with
                      mh-format (5), don't enable this.

          BSD43       Will make rcvtty set-group-id to the group

          DBM         For sites with a dbm-style password file (such
                      as with Yellow Pages), MH will not read the
                      entire passwd file into a cache.  At one site
                      that runs YP on a large passwd file, using this
                      showed a 6:1 performance improvement.

          NETWORK     This option has been deleted.  See SOCKETS.

          NOIOCTLH    Tells MH not to include the file sys/ioctl.h.
                      Use this if this file is not present on your

          NTOHLSWAP   On systems with TCP/IP networking, msh will try
                      to use the ntohl() macro from the file
                      netinet/in.h to byte-swap the binary map files
                      it writes.

          SENDMAILBUG Some versions of sendmail return a 451 (failure)
                      reply code when they don't mean to indicate
                      failure.  This option considers that code to be
                      equivalent to 250 (OK).

          SHADOW      Causes popd to read the file /etc/shadow for
                      encrypted passwords instead of /etc/passwd.  Use
                      this if you have a shadow password file (such as
                      on newer versions of SYSTEM 5).

          SOCKETS     Enable this if you are on a non-BSD system with
                      a socket interface for TCP/IP networking compa-
                      tible with 4.2BSD UNIX.

          SUN40       Use on Suns running Sun OS 4.0 and later.

          SYS5        This option has been updated to refer to SYS5 R3
                      and later systems.

          SYS5DIR     Use this if your system uses "struct dirent"
                      instead of "struct direct".  This should be true
                      for systems based on SYS5 R3 and later.

          TYPESIG     Defines the base type for the signal system
                      call.  This defaults to "int", but should be
                      defined as "void" if appropriate for your sys-

          WP          Enables support for the White Pages service.


          MH will now explicitly set the protection mode on every file
          it installs.

               Previously any existing file installed by MH would be
          backed up into the source tree, and then overwritten.  Now,
          a few system-dependent files will not be overwritten, and
          your changes will have to be merged in by hand.  See the
          READ-ME file for more details.