Include a static copy of the CVS log in the dist tarball
[mmh] / .gitignore
2015-11-02 markus schnalkeInclude a static copy of the CVS log in the dist tarball
2015-04-29 markus schnalkegitignore: More specific ignore patterns
2014-11-27 markus schnalkegitignore: ignore test dir name file
2012-07-10 markus schnalkeAdded Neil Rickert's mhpgp, the companion to mhsign.
2012-07-07 markus schnalkeAdded Neil Rickert's mhsign.
2012-03-29 markus schnalkeAdded wrapper mmhwrap for parallel installations with...
2012-03-27 markus schnalkeAutomated generation of mh-chart.man7.
2012-03-23 markus schnalkeMake mhn.defaults a static file and removed the scripts...
2012-03-21 markus schnalkeIgnore distribution tarballs in the git status listing.
2012-03-09 markus schnalkeAdded new helper `print-mimetype' and added Mime-Type...
2012-02-08 markus schnalkeUpdated .gitignore and removed the unused
2011-12-23 markus schnalkeReworked the man page system and some man page contents...
2011-12-23 markus schnalkeUnimportant stuff.
2011-12-23 markus schnalkeReplaced C program `install-mh' by shell script `mmh'.
2010-12-16 Ken HornsteinMake sure we ignore
2010-12-03 Ken HornsteinUpdate for git conversions (and cleanup of autogen...