remove duplicate definition of tmp in uip/mhbuild.c
[mmh] / VERSION
2019-01-06 Philipp TakacsThis is mmh-0.4 mmh-0.4
2016-09-18 Philipp Takacsredesign version string
2016-08-14 Philipp TakacsBump version number
2016-08-14 Philipp TakacsThis is mmh-0.3 mmh-0.3
2015-11-02 markus schnalkeBump version number
2015-11-02 markus schnalkeThis is mmh-0.2 mmh-0.2
2012-12-08 markus schnalkeBump version number.
2012-12-08 markus schnalkeThis is mmh-0.1. mmh-0.1
2011-09-09 markus schnalkeThis is the birth of mmh. :-)
2008-04-27 Peter MaydellUp version string to 1.3-dev for the CVS trunk.
2008-04-27 Peter MaydellUse hyphen, not plus (corresponding to previous RCx... nmh-1_3_RC1
2008-04-27 Peter MaydellBump version number, date for release of 1.3 RC1
2005-12-20 Jon SteinhartRolled release. RELEASE_1_2
2005-12-03 Jon SteinhartRolled version. Should have done it last time!
2002-07-02 Ken HornsteinUpdate for new version.
2000-04-14 Dan HarklessOkay, got that tag stuff straightened out. Now upping...
2000-04-14 Dan HarklessOops. Didn't do a `cvs rtag` before changing the versi...
2000-04-14 Dan HarklessUpped the version number to 1.0.4+dev.
2000-04-14 Dan Harkless* Added new files README.developers, ChangeLog_MH-3_to_...
2000-02-29 Dan HarklessUpped the version number to 1.0.3+dev (ideally this...
2000-02-28 Ruud de Rooij * Fix security hole in mhshowsbr.c which allowed untru...
1999-11-02 Dan HarklessChanged the version number from 1.0.3 to 1.0.2+dev...
1999-10-29 Dan HarklessUpped the version number to 1.0.3. If we don't do...
1999-10-29 Doug Morrisupdated the TODO list and bumped the revision to 1...
1999-05-13 Dan Harkless1.0.1
1999-04-30 Doug MorrisInitial revision