Fix order of (trim) and (decode) in repl*comps
[mmh] / etc / replcomps
2016-04-21 markus schnalkeFix order of (trim) and (decode) in repl*comps
2016-04-18 markus schnalkeEnable addr decoding in replcomps and replgroupcomps
2015-11-02 markus schnalkeDecode address headers in replcomps
2014-09-24 markus schnalkerepl: use different format as the lead-in to quotes...
2012-02-09 markus schnalkeRemoved the -fcc switch from repl(1).
2012-01-02 markus schnalkeRenames: s/+outbox/+sent/ and s/cc:/Cc:/
2008-08-03 Peter Maydelletc/replcomps, etc/replgroupcomps: Trim trailing whites...
2003-07-02 Glenn BurkhardtDefault templates for 'comp', 'forw', 'dist', 'repl...
2003-06-30 Glenn Burkhardtmade RFC 2822 compliant, using an "In-reply-to:" format
2000-05-28 Ruud de Rooij* Applied patch from Peter Maydell to uip/scansbr.c...
1999-10-17 Ruud de Rooij * Changed repl defaults to partly revert to MH behaviour:
1999-04-30 Doug MorrisInitial revision