Fixed `inc -silent' by not building a scan line if we don't want to print it.
[mmh] / h / mf.h
2012-03-21 markus schnalkeRemoved unused code.
2011-11-01 markus schnalkeRemoved the space between function names and the openin...
2011-10-31 markus schnalkeReformated comments and long lines
2011-10-07 markus schnalkeRemoved unneeded sbr code.
2011-10-07 markus schnalkeRearranged whitespace (and comments) in all the code!
2010-12-03 Ken HornsteinRemove RCS keywords, since they no longer work after...
2007-04-13 Joel ReicherChange all chars being passed to the ctype macros ...
2000-05-12 Shantonu SenMoved zotnet/mf to sbr.