Removed the global alias file
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2011-12-12 markus schnalkeRemoved the global alias file
2011-11-05 markus schnalkeRemoved references to bboards, as we don't support...
2011-10-16 markus schnalkeRemoved the whom program, which relayed on post(8)...
2010-12-03 Ken HornsteinRemove RCS keywords, since they no longer work after...
2006-04-14 Joel ReicherFixed a couple of typos.
2001-01-25 Shantonu Senuse %etcdir% for spacing instead of hardcoding
2001-01-01 Shantonu SenUpdating ali-mh_alias
2000-12-31 Shantonu SenAdd date to files i missed last time
1999-04-30 Doug MorrisInitial revision