Removed -format and -filter from send(1); they were just passed to (s)post(8).
[mmh] / man / mh-chart.man1
2012-02-09 markus schnalkeRemoved -format and -filter from send(1); they were...
2012-02-09 markus schnalkerepl: renamed -noformat to -nofilter; removed -format...
2012-02-09 markus schnalkeRemoved the -fcc switch from repl(1).
2012-02-09 markus schnalkeMoved mhl(1) from libdir to bindir.
2012-02-09 markus schnalkeforw(1) does always MIMEify now.
2012-02-09 markus schnalkeRemoved the -file switch from forw(1).
2012-02-09 markus schnalkecomp(1) has no -file switch anymore.
2012-02-08 markus schnalkeAnnotations will always be done inplace from now on.
2012-02-04 markus schnalkeRemoved the suppress dups feature from slocal for simpl...
2012-01-30 markus schnalkeRemoved -pause from mhshow(1).
2012-01-30 markus schnalkeBugfix: Removed -reverse switch from scan(1).
2012-01-28 markus schnalkeRemoved support for MMDF-style mail drops.
2012-01-28 markus schnalkeSynced man page mh-chart with send.
2012-01-28 markus schnalkeRemoved the -width switch from send, spost and repl.
2012-01-28 markus schnalkeRemoved options to deactivate dashstuffing. Always...
2012-01-25 markus schnalkeRemoved the -header option from scan(1).
2011-12-23 markus schnalkeReworked the man page system and some man page contents...