Improve wording and more description in man page spost(8)
[mmh] / man / spost.man8
2015-10-02 markus schnalkeImprove wording and more description in man page spost(8)
2015-09-05 Philipp Takacsreimplement Dcc-field
2015-09-05 Philipp Takacsfind recipients for sendmail
2015-04-19 Philipp TakacsAdd "Default-From" config option
2012-06-28 markus schnalkespost.man8: spost does read the profile now.
2012-06-27 markus schnalkesend,spost: No more use of -alias, spost reads Aliasfil...
2012-06-22 markus schnalkeRemoved the -[no]watch flags of send and post.
2012-05-05 markus schnalkeRemove -dist from man page spost(8) because it's a...
2012-05-01 markus schnalkeMan pages: Replaced \*(lq and \*(rq with ` and '.
2012-05-01 markus schnalkeRenamed -version switch to -Version to remove the confl...
2012-04-10 markus schnalkeRemoved -(no)push and -(no)forward flags from send...
2012-03-29 markus schnalkeMigrated man page post(8) to spost(8).