Fix recipient counting in spost
[mmh] / sbr / ext_hook.c
2016-08-31 Philipp Takacsremove msg-hook config option
2015-01-15 markus schnalkesbr/ext_hook.c: Use execprog(); Refactoring
2012-01-03 markus schnalkes/vfork/fork/
2011-12-09 markus schnalkeWe have `NULL' in order to not need to write `(char...
2011-11-05 markus schnalkeRenamed r1bindex() to mhbasename(), to make its functio...
2011-10-31 markus schnalkeReformated comments and long lines
2011-10-07 markus schnalkeRemoved unneeded sbr code.
2011-10-07 markus schnalkeRearranged whitespace (and comments) in all the code!
2010-12-03 Ken HornsteinRemove RCS keywords, since they no longer work after...
2002-09-09 Jon SteinhartNew routine that provides interface to external programs.