better error handling
[mmh] / test / runtest
2015-10-27 markus schnalkeEnsure $SHELL is set for the tests
2015-10-23 markus schnalkeRework in the test framework; updated and new tests
2014-11-28 markus schnalketests: Adjusted most of the tests to mmh.
2014-11-27 markus schnalkeFixed the test framework by adjusting it to mmh.
2009-01-17 Eric Gillespie * test/runtest, test/tests/inc/test-deb359167,
2008-12-25 Peter Maydelltest/runtest: automatically run setup-test if it hasn...
2008-08-03 Peter MaydellAllow tests to indicate that they have been skipped...
2008-07-25 Josh Bressers* test/runtest: cat test-temp-dir only once. Destroy...
2007-04-17 Josh BressersInitial checkin of a testsuite