remove duplicate definition of tmp in uip/mhbuild.c
[mmh] / test /
2020-03-31 Philipp Takacsclear msgflags in folder_delmsg
2020-03-29 Philipp Takacsset SEQMOD if clear_msg_flags change the flags
2020-03-29 Philipp Takacsseq_read and seq_list also recognise msg which don...
2020-03-26 Philipp Takacsupdate unseen sequence after display
2019-09-08 Philipp Takacspick matching rework
2019-01-11 Philipp Takacsfix logic bug in getthreadid
2019-01-05 Philipp Takacsdepricate whatnow
2019-01-05 Philipp Takacsfail in pick if a massage of -thread has no thread-id
2019-01-02 Philipp Takacspick fix segfault
2018-12-31 Philipp Takacsrename whatnow2 tests
2018-12-31 Philipp Takacswhatnow2 save metainformation in the draft itself
2018-11-25 Philipp TakacsTrailing withspace handling in mhl
2018-11-25 Philipp Takacsread the defaultfolder from the profile
2018-11-04 markus schnalkeFix test/tests/show/test-longlines
2018-11-04 markus schnalkeFix test/tests/send/test-mimeify
2018-10-31 markus schnalkeAdd test for empty sequence patch by c_14
2018-10-31 Vasilii KolobkovFix tests to run on OpenBSD
2018-10-31 Vasilii KolobkovRemove tests/inc/test-eom-align
2018-07-15 markus schnalkeExtend test for long lines with CRLF
2018-07-15 markus schnalkeAdd test to check for correct handling of long lines
2017-06-15 c_14add a test to test-scan-multibyte
2017-04-23 Philipp Takacsdecode rfc2047 header in mhparse
2016-08-28 Dmitry BogatovFix spelling errors, including binaries ones
2016-08-27 Dmitry BogatovFix out-of-bounds error when incorporating email from...
2016-08-11 Philipp Takacsfix dist
2016-08-10 markus schnalkeAdd more tests to tests/test-send-mimeify
2016-08-07 Philipp Takacsadd a test for repl on a ASCII only system
2016-08-06 Philipp TakacsTest if MIME creation works
2016-08-06 Philipp Takacsunset MM_CHARSET in tests/scan/test-scan-multibyte
2016-08-06 Philipp TakacsAdjust tests/bad-input/test-header for m_gefld2()
2016-08-06 m@mmmmarascio.xyzFix tests/mhparam/test-mhparam
2016-08-05 Philipp Takacsmhsign should work now
2016-08-01 m@mmmmarascio.xyzEnable inc(1) to read from stdin
2016-04-22 Philipp TakacsMerge branch 'm_getfld2-meillo' into master
2016-04-22 markus schnalkemhsign: Fix key lookup of aliases when encrypting
2016-04-21 markus schnalkerefile: Never change the current folder
2016-04-21 markus schnalkeTrim trailing whitespace in scan and show
2016-04-18 markus schnalkeEnable addr decoding in replcomps and replgroupcomps
2016-04-18 markus schnalkeTests: mmh currently generates a part line, so expect it
2015-11-12 markus schnalkeAdjust tests to m_getfld2() and write some more
2015-11-09 markus schnalkeAdjust the tests to less tolerant m_getfld2()
2015-11-01 Philipp TakacsTeach spost to handle address groups
2015-10-31 Philipp Takacstest Group Addresses in spost
2015-10-31 Philipp Takacstest if spost catch bad addresses
2015-10-31 Philipp Takacstest if aliasing work in spost
2015-10-28 markus schnalkeSilence the output of `cd -' in the tests
2015-10-27 markus schnalkeUse cksum(1) instead of md5sum(1) in the tests
2015-10-27 markus schnalkeRun the tests in defined (i.e. sorted) order
2015-10-27 markus schnalkeMerge
2015-10-27 Philipp Takacsconsider Default-From as own address
2015-10-27 markus schnalkeEnsure $SHELL is set for the tests
2015-10-25 markus schnalkeAdd DCC support into whom
2015-10-25 markus schnalkeDCC contains invisible (not visible) recipients
2015-10-25 markus schnalkeAdd test for sender header in spost
2015-10-25 Philipp Takacsfix the prompter test
2015-10-23 markus schnalkeRework in the test framework; updated and new tests
2015-10-18 Philipp Takacsexport MM_CHARSET in mhbuild test
2015-10-10 Philipp Takacsadd a test for mhbuild rfc2047-support
2015-09-16 David Levinepick(1) decode rfc2047-fields
2015-01-17 Philipp TakacsAdd tests for pick
2014-12-22 markus schnalkePartly fix tests/whatnow/test-attach-detach: changes...
2014-12-22 markus schnalkeFix tests/mhbuild/test-forw: rfc934 mode is no longer...
2014-12-07 markus schnalkeAdjusted tests/new/test-basic to mmh.
2014-11-28 markus schnalketests: Adjusted most of the tests to mmh.
2014-11-28 markus schnalketests: Supress progress meter if non-interactive.
2014-11-27 markus schnalkeFixed the test framework by adjusting it to mmh.
2012-04-30 markus schnalkeNoted that the testcases are not maintained and thus...
2012-01-30 markus schnalkeRemoved -pause from mhshow(1).
2012-01-02 markus schnalkeRenames: s/+outbox/+sent/ and s/cc:/Cc:/
2010-12-03 Ken HornsteinUpdate for git conversions (and cleanup of autogen...
2009-01-17 Eric Gillespie * test/runtest, test/tests/inc/test-deb359167,
2008-12-26 Peter Maydell* sbr/m_getfld.c: fix two bugs which could cause us...
2008-12-26 Peter Maydelltest/ new file for common utility functions...
2008-12-25 Peter Maydelltest/runtest: automatically run setup-test if it hasn...
2008-08-14 Eric Gillespie * test/setup-test: Don't run unless needed...
2008-08-14 Eric Gillespie * sbr/ambigsw.c: Send print_sw output to stderr. ...
2008-08-14 Eric Gillespie * h/mhparse.h: Move interfaces also used by mhbuildsbr...
2008-08-13 Eric GillespieOops, meant to use $failed (number of failed checks...
2008-08-13 Eric GillespieAdd descriptive headers, as other tests have.
2008-08-13 Eric Gillespie * test/tests/bad-input/test-header: Add test for it.
2008-08-13 Eric Gillespie * test/tests/mhshow/test-qp: Test various valid and...
2008-08-13 Eric GillespieIgnore test-temp-dir.
2008-08-12 Peter (new file): add script for running the GNU...
2008-08-08 Eric Gillespies/ls/cd/ in comment (probably pasted from test-ls)
2008-08-03 Peter Maydellbug #23319: rework the way we handle the working direct...
2008-08-03 Peter Maydelltest/setup-test: use 'set -e' so we stop on compile...
2008-08-03 Peter MaydellBug #23436: fix some minor manpage syntax errors and...
2008-08-03 Peter MaydellAllow tests to indicate that they have been skipped...
2008-08-03 Peter MaydellIgnore editor backup files
2008-08-03 Peter MaydellWhen doing an if-test on the result of a function which...
2008-07-25 Josh Bressers* test/setup-test: Run 'make clean' before building
2008-07-25 Josh Bressers* test/runtest: cat test-temp-dir only once. Destroy...
2008-06-12 Josh BressersRemove an accidentally committed file
2007-04-17 Josh BressersInitial checkin of a testsuite