mhsign should work now
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2016-08-05 Philipp Takacsmhsign should work now
2016-07-29 markus schnalkemhsign/mhpgp: Clarify the manpages and usage lines
2016-04-24 markus schnalkeFix for commit bd02210b2be64956a952f925a2dcd35fb42f6136
2016-04-22 markus schnalkemhsign: Fix key lookup of aliases when encrypting
2015-01-13 markus schnalkemhsign: use the strongest, newest not-expired secret key
2014-11-27 markus schnalkemhsign: Ignore expired, revoked, invalid, and similar...
2014-11-25 markus schnalkemhsign: Bugfix: Don't ignore MMHPGPKEY and the Pgpkey...
2012-07-09 markus schnalkeImproved portability of mhsend(1).
2012-07-07 markus schnalkeAdded Neil Rickert's mhsign.