Ignore empty MIME parameter
[mmh] / uip /
2015-08-10 Philipp TakacsIgnore empty MIME parameter
2015-08-10 Philipp TakacsIgnore wrong encoding in multipart/*
2015-06-11 Philipp Takacsremove dublicated code in uip/spost
2015-06-11 Philipp Takacsfix bug if multible mbox in From-field
2015-05-02 Philipp Takacsbugfix for a memory-reuse bug spost and whom
2015-04-19 Philipp TakacsAdd "Default-From" config option
2015-04-19 Philipp TakacsUse sysexits.h for better exit-codes
2015-04-10 markus schnalkeMove #include from h/mh.h to source files
2015-04-10 markus schnalkeRemove h/nmh.h
2015-04-10 markus schnalkeMinimize the include
2015-04-09 markus schnalkeFix FTBFS bug introduced by 600379c
2015-03-11 David LevineRemoved unnecessary #include of h/signals.h.
2015-03-11 Marcin CieslakReplaced setgid() calls with setegid() so that it works...
2015-03-07 Philipp Takacsremove declaration of child_id in slocal:usr_pipe
2015-02-22 Philipp Takacsremove longjmp from signal handler in mhl
2015-02-22 Philipp Takacsremove longjmp in signalhandler of slocal
2015-02-22 Philipp Takacsremove longjmp in signalhandler of prompter
2015-02-22 Philipp Takacsnonstatic function for atexit, check if atexit fails
2015-02-14 markus schnalkeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://marmaro.de:443/var/git/mmh
2015-02-14 markus schnalkeRefactor: Use if for two-way branching; Compare against...
2015-02-14 markus schnalkeFix minor coding style issues (whitespace)
2015-02-14 markus schnalkeRemove unnecessary headers
2015-02-13 Philipp Takacsdistout and ready_msg return NOTOK on error
2015-02-12 markus schnalkemhmail: use execprog()
2015-01-29 Philipp TakacsInitialize status in uip/send.c
2015-01-26 markus schnalkeMerge ../mmh
2015-01-17 Philipp Takacsremove last rests of done in uip
2015-01-17 Philipp TakacsRemove done from mhl pick and send
2015-01-17 Philipp TakacsInitialize vecp in send anno()
2015-01-16 Philipp TakacsBugfix in pick.c
2015-01-16 Philipp TakacsReplace done with exit at uip
2015-01-15 markus schnalkenew: Fix a pointer problem
2015-01-15 markus schnalkesend: Fix uninitialied variable
2015-01-15 markus schnalkewhatnow: Use execprog() ... one more time
2015-01-15 markus schnalkewhatnow: No need to fork
2015-01-15 markus schnalkermm: Use execprog() instead of own fork-exec
2015-01-15 markus schnalkeRemove unused variable
2015-01-14 markus schnalkesend: Convert system() to execprog() ... second half
2015-01-14 markus schnalkesend: Convert system() to execprog() ... partly
2015-01-14 markus schnalkeforw: convert system() to execprog(); fix buffer check
2015-01-14 markus schnalkeRefactoring in the small
2015-01-14 markus schnalkeRemove verbosity for -noverbose; cleanup in code layout...
2015-01-14 markus schnalkeUse execprog() instead of system() ... partly transition
2015-01-13 markus schnalkemhsign: use the strongest, newest not-expired secret key
2014-12-13 Philipp TakacsCheck with witch exit-code sendmail/spost exit and...
2014-12-07 markus schnalkemhparam: Renamed some sequences
2014-11-28 markus schnalkeAdded more include directories to fix building in anoth...
2014-11-27 markus schnalkeuip/mmh.sh: minor cleanup
2014-11-27 markus schnalkeMerge
2014-11-27 markus schnalkemhsign: Ignore expired, revoked, invalid, and similar...
2014-11-27 markus schnalkemhparam: Added more items for direct query and -debug...
2014-11-25 markus schnalkemhpgp: Bugfix for 2932d136debcf53a45c44891ee80e6d34e61f109
2014-11-25 markus schnalkemhpgp: remove unused sed label
2014-11-25 markus schnalkemhsign: Bugfix: Don't ignore MMHPGPKEY and the Pgpkey...
2014-11-21 markus schnalkeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://marmaro.de:443/var/git/mmh
2014-11-21 markus schnalkespost: If we add a From header, we add a qualified...
2014-11-20 markus schnalkermm: Use `refile -src' instead of a folder changing...
2014-11-20 markus schnalkeFixed a possible uninitialized variable access.
2014-11-20 markus schnalkecoding style: Added braces even for one-line blocks
2014-09-26 markus schnalkesend: Check the draft folder only if we send msgs,...
2014-09-25 markus schnalkeUse trim() to strip whitespace from the end of header...
2014-09-25 markus schnalkesbr/trim.c: New helper function trim(). Strips whitespa...
2014-09-24 markus schnalkemhbuild: Transfer-encode MIME parts of type application...
2014-09-24 markus schnalkeprint-mimetype: fixed a syntax error
2013-05-27 markus schnalkemhbuild: Don't fail if one attaches an rfc822 message...
2012-12-04 markus schnalkeReport useful error message on broken file(1).
2012-07-10 markus schnalkeAdded Neil Rickert's mhpgp, the companion to mhsign.
2012-07-09 markus schnalkeImproved portability of mhsend(1).
2012-07-07 markus schnalkeshow: Print type of MIME part instead of error message...
2012-07-07 markus schnalkespost: Don't send Sign: or Enc: headers out.
2012-07-07 markus schnalkesend: Sign and encrypt messages automatically, based...
2012-07-07 markus schnalkewhom: Suppress the separator if no hidden rcpts are...
2012-07-07 markus schnalkeAdded Neil Rickert's mhsign.
2012-07-07 markus schnalkewhatnow: Changes for consistency.
2012-07-07 markus schnalkewhatnow: Re-integrated whom(1); cleanups.
2012-07-06 markus schnalkeRe-added whom(1). This implementation is written from...
2012-07-06 markus schnalkeMinor wording change in an error message.
2012-06-28 markus schnalkeCompletely removed the backup-prefix (,). We move to...
2012-06-28 markus schnalkemhbuild: Fixed order of file names in error messages.
2012-06-27 markus schnalkeali: Either read default alias files or the ones on...
2012-06-27 markus schnalkesend,spost: No more use of -alias, spost reads Aliasfil...
2012-06-27 markus schnalkespost: Read profile and context now. Removed -library...
2012-06-27 markus schnalkemhmail: Read the context!
2012-06-27 markus schnalkeslocal: Do not at all interact with the context or...
2012-06-22 markus schnalkeRemoved the -[no]watch flags of send and post.
2012-06-22 markus schnalkewhatnow: Improved the listing of available commands...
2012-06-22 markus schnalkemhl: Removed remaining code of obsolete -sleep switch.
2012-06-15 markus schnalkewhatnow: Call send(1) as `send', not as `whatnow'.
2012-06-15 markus schnalkemmh.sh: Changed from -version to -Version, here too.
2012-06-14 markus schnalkespost: Just a move of some code.
2012-06-13 markus schnalkeRenamed switches variable to ease automatic text extrac...
2012-06-08 markus schnalkeWhatnow prompt: From now on, detaching only by numbers.
2012-06-08 markus schnalkeFixed `alist' command at whatnow prompt.
2012-06-04 markus schnalkeRemoved configure flag --disable-locale and have it...
2012-05-16 markus schnalkeFixed mhl's -nobody switch.
2012-05-05 markus schnalkemhl: Removed unused digest features from mhl.
2012-05-05 markus schnalkeprompter: Various rework.
2012-05-05 markus schnalkemhmail: For mailx(1) compat: A period alone on a line...
2012-05-05 markus schnalkemhmail: Removed hidden -resent and -queued switches.
2012-05-05 markus schnalkeRequire at least 2 chars for `no' variants of switches.