Fix missing va_end call in uip/mhmisc.c
[mmh] / h /
2015-10-28 markus schnalkeBuild the release tarball from git, not manually
2015-10-28 markus schnalkeUpdate lists of files to distribute
2015-04-10 markus schnalkeRemove h/nmh.h
2012-04-11 markus schnalkeRemove caching of external MIME parts.
2012-04-11 markus schnalkeRemoved RFC 1864 (Content-MD5) support. I.e. -check...
2012-03-20 markus schnalkeMakefiles: s/nmh/mmh/; fixed generation of mmhdist.
2012-02-11 markus schnalkeMerged picksbr.c into pick.c.
2012-02-08 markus schnalkeMerged h/mts.h into h/prototypes.h.
2011-10-07 markus schnalkeRearranged whitespace (and comments) in all the code!
2011-10-05 markus schnalkeRemoved msh, vmh and wmh.
2010-12-09 Ken HornsteinMassive garbage collection. Remove functionality for...
2010-12-03 Ken HornsteinRemove RCS keywords, since they no longer work after...
2009-01-17 Eric Gillespie * test/runtest, test/tests/inc/test-deb359167,
2007-01-16 Josh BressersAdd a missing header file
2005-11-08 Oliver Kiddlereplace obsolete autoconf macros
2000-12-14 Shantonu SenResolve the circular dependency of libmh on libmts...
2000-05-31 Doug Morrisadded lint targets for Makefiles and a configure test...
2000-05-29 Shantonu SenSynchronizing Makefiles that had gotten out of sync...
1999-04-30 Doug MorrisInitial revision