descriptionmeillo's mail handler
ownermarkus schnalke
last changeSun, 18 Feb 2018 09:33:02 +0000 (10:33 +0100)
2018-02-18 markus schnalkeBetter wording in README concerning compatibility master
2017-07-08 markus schnalkeAdd example to pick.1 for handling empty result set...
2017-06-30 Philipp Takacsfix undefined behavior in fmt_trim()
2017-06-15 c_14cpstripped: Add braces to make code more legible.
2017-06-15 c_14add a test to test-scan-multibyte
2017-06-15 c_14fmt_scan: support multibyte characters in putstr decoding
2017-04-23 Philipp Takacsdecode rfc2047 header in mhparse
2017-04-17 markus schnalkemhpgp: use trusted header field copies to replace origi...
2017-04-17 markus schnalkeFix `anno -delete': preserve newline in folded header...
2017-04-17 markus schnalkeFix mhsign for gpg2: Expiry date format
2017-03-08 Philipp Takacsfix oldstyle whom
2017-03-08 markus schnalkeFix uip/whom.c for C89 compatibility
2017-03-08 markus schnalkeFix sbr/parse_msgs.c for C89 compatibility
2017-03-07 Philipp Takacsadd() first parameter (s2) is now const
2017-03-07 Philipp Takacsallow msgs as parameters for whom
2017-02-17 Philipp Takacsquote path variables in
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