descriptionmeillo's mail handler
ownermarkus schnalke
last changeThu, 28 Apr 2016 19:52:53 +0000 (21:52 +0200)
25 hours ago Philipp Takacsfork in repl as a tree master
5 days ago Philipp Takacsfix 2fb1dd2271e5be9d0b0c9cbd4e7d6d5d51aaecb9
5 days ago Philipp Takacsfixup for 2a903a43ad7d26f5581d4ad1bbc077f8ecc5f5a9
5 days ago Philipp Takacscheck for to long lines and ioerror in spost
5 days ago Philipp Takacscheck for linecap and trailing space in mhbuild for...
5 days ago Philipp Takacsignore LENERR2 in seq_read()
5 days ago Philipp Takacsadjust handling of too long lines in m_getfld2
5 days ago markus schnalkeFix for commit bd02210b2be64956a952f925a2dcd35fb42f6136
6 days ago Philipp TakacsMerge branch 'm_getfld2-meillo' into master
7 days ago markus schnalkemhsign: Fix key lookup of aliases when encrypting
8 days ago markus schnalkerefile: Never change the current folder
8 days ago markus schnalkerefile: Fix an error message; always use braces; add...
8 days ago markus schnalkeFix order of (trim) and (decode) in repl*comps
8 days ago markus schnalkeTrim trailing whitespace in scan and show
8 days ago markus schnalkeMake default scan/inc listing file-based
10 days ago markus schnalkeCleanup manpage mh-format(5)
5 months ago mmh-0.2 Releasing mmh-0.2
6 months ago mmh-0.2-RC1
3 years ago mmh-0.1 Releasing mmh-0.1
3 years ago mmh-thesis-end
5 years ago mmh-start
5 years ago cvs-repository-moved-to-git
7 years ago nmh-1_3
7 years ago nmh-1_3_RC3
7 years ago nmh-1_3_RC2
8 years ago nmh-1_3_RC1
10 years ago RELEASE_1_2
15 years ago kim-before-sasl
15 years ago nmh-1_0_4
15 years ago nmh-1_0_3
15 years ago nmh-1_0_2
25 hours ago master