descriptionmeillo's mail handler
ownermarkus schnalke
last changeThu, 27 Nov 2014 23:07:13 +0000 (00:07 +0100)
3 hours ago markus schnalkeFixed the test framework by adjusting it to mmh. master
4 hours ago markus schnalkegitignore: ignore test dir name file
4 hours ago markus schnalkeuip/ minor cleanup
4 hours ago markus schnalkeFixed building in different build directory, as describ...
7 hours ago markus schnalkeMerge
7 hours ago markus schnalkemhsign: Ignore expired, revoked, invalid, and similar...
9 hours ago markus schnalkemhparam: Added more items for direct query and -debug...
2 days ago markus schnalkemhpgp: Bugfix for 2932d136debcf53a45c44891ee80e6d34e61f109
2 days ago markus schnalkemhpgp: remove unused sed label
2 days ago markus schnalkepick: Clarified the man page with respect to -ddd.
2 days ago markus schnalkemhsign: Bugfix: Don't ignore MMHPGPKEY and the Pgpkey...
6 days ago markus schnalkeMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
6 days ago markus schnalkespost: If we add a From header, we add a qualified...
7 days ago markus schnalkeTODO: removed the double-dash TODO item, because it...
7 days ago markus schnalkermm: Use `refile -src' instead of a folder changing...
7 days ago markus schnalkeFixed a possible uninitialized variable access.
23 months ago mmh-0.1 Releasing mmh-0.1
2 years ago mmh-thesis-end
3 years ago mmh-start
4 years ago cvs-repository-moved-to-git
6 years ago nmh-1_3
6 years ago nmh-1_3_RC3
6 years ago nmh-1_3_RC2
6 years ago nmh-1_3_RC1
8 years ago RELEASE_1_2
14 years ago kim-before-sasl
14 years ago nmh-1_0_4
14 years ago nmh-1_0_3
14 years ago nmh-1_0_2
14 years ago nmh-1_0
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