descriptionmeillo's mail handler
ownermarkus schnalke
last changeSun, 28 Aug 2016 20:10:36 +0000 (22:10 +0200)
2 hours ago Dmitry BogatovFix spelling errors, including binaries ones master
2 hours ago Dmitry BogatovFix missing va_end call in uip/mhmisc.c
25 hours ago Philipp TakacsFix misspelled variable in uip/
25 hours ago Dmitry BogatovFix out-of-bounds error when incorporating email from...
25 hours ago Dmitry BogatovFix FILE resource leaks in uip/distsbr.c
4 days ago Philipp Takacsadd Sendmail option to spost manpage
5 days ago Philipp Takacsadd uip/whatnow2 to .gitignore
13 days ago Philipp TakacsBump version number
13 days ago Philipp TakacsThis is mmh-0.3 mmh-0.3
2016-08-14 Philipp Takacsfix whatnow2 send
2016-08-14 Philipp Takacsdel metafile in whatnow2 only if send don't fail
2016-08-14 Philipp Takacstouch the DISTINCLUDE in mmhdist target
2016-08-12 m@mmmmarascio.xyzAdd "delete" to "delete" pattern in whatnow2's case...
2016-08-12 Philipp Takacsbetter error handling in whatnow2
2016-08-12 Philipp Takacsfix bug in decode_rfc2047()
2016-08-12 markus schnalkeUpdate comment in script concerning the VCS
13 days ago mmh-0.3 Releasing mmh-0.3
9 months ago mmh-0.2 Releasing mmh-0.2
10 months ago mmh-0.2-RC1
3 years ago mmh-0.1 Releasing mmh-0.1
4 years ago mmh-thesis-end
5 years ago mmh-start
5 years ago cvs-repository-moved-to-git
8 years ago nmh-1_3
8 years ago nmh-1_3_RC3
8 years ago nmh-1_3_RC2
8 years ago nmh-1_3_RC1
10 years ago RELEASE_1_2
16 years ago kim-before-sasl
16 years ago nmh-1_0_4
16 years ago nmh-1_0_3
2 hours ago master