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2013-05-27 markus schnalkemhbuild: Don't fail if one attaches an rfc822 message... master
2012-12-08 markus schnalkeBump version number.
2012-12-08 markus schnalkeThis is mmh-0.1. mmh-0.1
2012-12-08 markus schnalkedocs/README.developers: minor cleanups.
2012-12-08 markus schnalkeAdded docs/DIFFERENCES_mmh_nmh.
2012-12-08 markus schnalkeAdded my master's thesis, which explains mmh.
2012-12-08 markus schnalkeREADME.developers: Various minor updates.
2012-12-08 markus schnalkesbr/getpass.c: Removed nmh_getpass() for it is not...
2012-12-08 markus schnalkeUpdated the list of documentation files to be distributed.
2012-12-08 markus Removed mmhrelease target because it's...
2012-12-07 markus schnalkeReworked docs/README.developes to match mmh.
2012-12-07 markus schnalkeDelete docs/pending-release-notes as this is without...
2012-12-07 markus schnalkeCOPYRIGHT: Add a note to include mmh into nmh.
2012-12-07 markus schnalkeUpdated the installation instructions in INSTALL.
2012-12-07 markus schnalkeIncluded the relevant parts of docs/README.about into...
2012-12-04 markus schnalkeUpdated man page mh-profile(5): file(1) is not from...
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