remove unused defines in uip/pick.c
[mmh] / h /
2018-12-30 Philipp Takacsh/mh.h remove comma at the end of enum state
2018-12-30 Philipp TakacsMerge branch 'pick' into master
2018-11-25 Philipp TakacsTrailing withspace handling in mhl
2018-07-15 Philipp Takacscheck for crlf in m_getfld2
2017-05-28 Philipp Takacspick option -thread
2017-05-28 Philipp Takacsmh_xstrdup arguments now const
2017-03-07 Philipp Takacsadd() first parameter (s2) is now const
2017-03-07 Philipp Takacsallow msgs as parameters for whom
2017-01-06 Philipp Takacsmhparse add support for CRLF
2017-01-01 Dmitry BogatovRemove unused code
2016-09-18 Philipp Takacsredesign version string
2016-09-06 markus schnalkeFactor trim format function out
2016-09-06 markus schnalkeAdd %(unmailto) format function for List-Post headers
2016-09-05 markus schnalkeMake mhstore(1) use "filename" attr of Content-Disposition
2016-08-28 Dmitry BogatovFix spelling errors, including binaries ones
2016-04-22 Philipp TakacsMerge branch 'm_getfld2-meillo' into master
2016-04-21 markus schnalkeMake default scan/inc listing file-based
2016-04-09 m@mmmmarascio.xyzReplace getcpy() and strdup() with mh_xstrdup()
2016-03-25 m@mmmmarascio.xyzReplace free() with mh_free0()
2016-03-17 m@mmmmarascio.xyzReplace mh_xmalloc() with mh_xcalloc()
2015-12-13 Philipp TakacsRevert "add free_field as standard for struct field"
2015-11-27 Philipp Takacsadd free_field as standard for struct field
2015-11-12 markus schnalkeFinally we get rid of the unmaintainable m_getfld()!
2015-11-12 markus schnalkem_getfld2: ERR2 means a read error, thus name it IOERR2
2015-11-09 markus schnalkeAdd new implementation m_getfld2()
2015-11-03 markus schnalkeRemove dead code: FLDEOF and BODYEOF are never set
2015-10-31 Philipp Takacscatch unparsable addresses
2015-10-28 markus schnalkeBuild the release tarball from git, not manually
2015-10-28 markus schnalkeUpdate lists of files to distribute
2015-10-21 markus schnalkeCoding style adjustments for nmh-imported code
2015-10-10 Philipp Takacsporte encode_rfc2047 from nmh
2015-09-19 Ken HornsteinBreak out the unquote functionality to a separate function.
2015-09-06 David LevineAdded mh_xcalloc().
2015-09-05 Philipp Takacsfind recipients for sendmail
2015-08-26 David LevineRemove discard() total
2015-04-19 Philipp TakacsUse sysexits.h for better exit-codes
2015-04-14 Philipp Takacsreinclude some headers
2015-04-10 markus schnalkeMove #include from h/mh.h to source files
2015-04-10 markus schnalkeRemove h/nmh.h
2015-03-11 David LevineRemoved #include of signal.h because it's in h/signals.h.
2015-02-22 Philipp Takacsremove longjmp in signalhandler of slocal
2015-01-17 Philipp Takacsremove done finaly
2015-01-15 markus schnalkeConvert pidXwait() from macro to function
2015-01-14 markus schnalkeAdded execprog() and execprogl(), which are safer alter...
2014-11-03 markus schnalkeConverted msgstats macros & Co. to functions and added...
2014-09-25 markus schnalkeuprf: We don't have to implement it ourselves but can...
2014-09-25 markus schnalkesbr/trim.c: New helper function trim(). Strips whitespa...
2012-12-08 markus schnalkesbr/getpass.c: Removed nmh_getpass() for it is not...
2012-07-07 markus schnalkesend: Sign and encrypt messages automatically, based...
2012-06-28 markus schnalkeCompletely removed the backup-prefix (,). We move to...
2012-06-28 markus schnalkeRemoved context_foil(). We don't need it anymore.
2012-05-21 markus schnalke(Ignore!) Again a whitespace change for testing purposes.
2012-05-01 markus schnalkeRemoved the altmsglink (named `@') and env var `$edital...
2012-05-01 markus schnalkemhbuild: Removed -rfc934mode switch, which is only...
2012-04-30 markus schnalkeRemoved the -noeditor switches and made them replaceabl...
2012-04-30 markus schnalkeRework in charset code. (Includes renaming.)
2012-04-14 markus schnalkeNo more mhshow-charset-* but instead automatic invocati...
2012-04-14 markus schnalkeRemove unused struct component.
2012-04-12 markus schnalkemhshow/mhstore: Removed support for retrieving message...
2012-04-11 markus schnalkeRemove caching of external MIME parts.
2012-04-11 markus schnalkeRemoved RFC 1864 (Content-MD5) support. I.e. -check...
2012-04-10 markus schnalkeDefault scan format: Added leading zeros, which I've...
2012-04-10 markus schnalkeAdded HH:MM to the default scan format.
2012-03-29 markus schnalkeFolded fileproc to constant `refile'.
2012-03-29 markus schnalkeTrash folder replaces rmmproc. Rework of rmm(1) and...
2012-03-27 markus schnalkeCreate proper prototypes for formataddr().
2012-03-27 markus schnalkeWe have only numeric timezone support (e.g. +0200)...
2012-03-27 markus schnalkeabs() is part of C89.
2012-03-27 markus schnalkeWe are making POSIX signal support a requirement.
2012-03-27 markus schnalkeSwitch from using RETSIGTYPE via autoconf to void.
2012-03-26 markus schnalkeRemove RPATH code though. Discussions on nmh-workers...
2012-03-26 markus schnalkeRemove overrides for 'broken' stat macros. Remove redun...
2012-03-26 markus schnalkeNuke directory processing conditionals; use dirent.h.
2012-03-26 markus schnalkeEliminate '#ifdef HAVE_FOO' for Posix-mandated FOOs.
2012-03-26 markus schnalkeThere's no need for killpg(). We can use kill() instead.
2012-03-24 markus schnalkeCHANGE OF THE DECADE: I finally gave m_unknown() a...
2012-03-24 markus schnalkeReplaced msg_style with the boolean ismbox.
2012-03-24 markus schnalkeWe don't need m_msgdef.c separately and some minor...
2012-03-24 markus schnalkeMerged folder_pack.c into folder.c.
2012-03-24 markus schnalkeReplaced folder_exists() by a call to create_folder().
2012-03-24 markus schnalkeIn-sourced copyip() and could make the code simpler.
2012-03-24 markus schnalkeclosefds() doesn't seem relevant or large enough to...
2012-03-24 markus schnalkeReplaced atooi() with strtoul(..., 8). That's part...
2012-03-23 markus schnalkeMerged annosbr.c into anno.c, as it is no longer used...
2012-03-23 markus schnalkeRemoved unused defines.
2012-03-23 markus schnalkescan(): Symbolic names instead of magic numbers.
2012-03-22 markus schnalkeRemoved the trivial peekc() and put the code at the...
2012-03-22 markus schnalkeRemoved unused fdcompare().
2012-03-22 markus schnalkeMerged mhbuildsbr.c into mhbuild.c, cause it is not...
2012-03-22 markus schnalkeCall send directly, not via sendproc. Removed its profi...
2012-03-22 markus schnalkeCall spost directly, not via postproc. Remove the postp...
2012-03-22 markus schnalkeHardcoded mhmail instead of mailproc.
2012-03-22 markus schnalkeRemoved the mhlproc profile entry. Call mhl directly.
2012-03-22 markus schnalkeDefined show(mime)proc locally and removed their profil...
2012-03-22 markus schnalkeRemove the rcvstoreproc/rcvpackproc vars.
2012-03-22 markus schnalkes/lproc/listproc/
2012-03-22 markus schnalkeRemoved the now unused incproc var.
2012-03-22 markus schnalkeRemoved the `mhbuild' indirection via `buildmimeproc'.
2012-03-22 markus schnalkemoreproc is now Pager/defaultpager; removed -moreproc...
2012-03-21 markus schnalkeRemoved unused code.