Factor trim format function out
[mmh] / man / mh-sequence.man7
2016-01-07 m@mmmmarascio.xyzChange some "nmh" into "mmh" in man pages
2015-10-28 markus schnalkeDrop the SYNOPSIS section from some man pages
2015-02-11 markus schnalkeUpdate the man pages to the shortened reserved sequence...
2012-05-01 markus schnalkeMan pages: Replaced \*(lq and \*(rq with ` and '.
2012-04-30 markus schnalkeDropped old show(1) and renamed mhshow(1) to show(1).
2012-03-27 markus schnalkeFixed a bunch of minor man page formating problems.
2012-01-04 markus schnalkeActivated default sequence negation (exclamation mark).
2012-01-04 markus schnalkeActivated a default unseen sequence; updated man pages...
2012-01-03 markus schnalkeFixed minor typo in man page.
2011-12-23 markus schnalkeReworked the man page system and some man page contents...