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[mmh] / man / mmh-intro.man7
2016-09-06 markus schnalkeGenerate the command list in mmh-intro(7)
2015-10-27 markus schnalkeUpdate mmh-intro(7) man page
2012-07-16 markus schnalkeUpdated man page mmh-intro(7): Replaced obsolete sequen... mmh-thesis-end
2012-07-10 markus schnalkeAdded Neil Rickert's mhpgp, the companion to mhsign.
2012-07-07 markus schnalkeAdded Neil Rickert's mhsign.
2012-05-01 markus schnalkeMan pages: Replaced \*(lq and \*(rq with ` and '.
2012-05-01 markus schnalkeRemoved msgchk(1) as it is hardly useful without POP...
2012-05-01 markus schnalkeRenamed -version switch to -Version to remove the confl...
2012-04-30 markus schnalkeDropped old show(1) and renamed mhshow(1) to show(1).
2012-04-12 markus schnalkemhmail is for sending, but not for reading mail.
2012-03-26 markus schnalkeRemoved conflict(8), because checking passwd, /var...
2012-03-21 markus schnalkepackf prints to stdout now.
2012-02-10 markus schnalkeRemoved rcvtty.
2011-12-23 markus schnalkeReworked the man page system and some man page contents...