[bug #4302] errno is not always an extern int
[mmh] / sbr / lock_file.c
2003-09-30 Glenn Burkhardt[bug #4302] errno is not always an extern int
2003-09-05 Ken HornsteinQuiet lock warning.
2003-09-05 Ken HornsteinMerge in locking fixes into the main line.
2002-07-02 Ken HornsteinAdd/update copyright notice in all source code files.
2000-07-16 Kimmo SuominenComplete HAVE_MKSTEMP.
2000-06-04 Ruud de Rooij* Added autoconf test for Miquel van Smoorenburg's...
1999-09-12 Doug MorrisLots of little code cleanups to prevent warnings -...
1999-09-10 Doug Morrisconfigure, configure.in stamp-h.in, and uip/Makefile...
1999-06-09 Doug Morrisuse mkstemp on systems that have it
1999-04-30 Doug MorrisInitial revision