Fix uip/whom.c for C89 compatibility
[mmh] / uip / mhmisc.c
2016-08-28 Dmitry BogatovFix missing va_end call in uip/mhmisc.c
2016-03-25 m@mmmmarascio.xyzReplace free() with mh_free0()
2015-04-10 markus schnalkeMove #include from h/mh.h to source files
2012-01-05 markus schnalkeExplicit checks for return values of strcmp().
2011-11-01 markus schnalkeRemoved the space between function names and the openin...
2011-10-31 markus schnalkeReformated comments and long lines
2011-10-07 markus schnalkeRearranged whitespace (and comments) in all the code!
2010-12-03 Ken HornsteinRemove RCS keywords, since they no longer work after...
2006-03-08 Josh Bressers* (mh_strcasecmp): Rename the private strcasecmp functi...
2006-01-06 Josh Bressers* patch #3968: Move the add() function from its own...
2004-12-17 Oliver KiddleFix -part option to mhshow/mhlist/mhstore to find sub...
2003-09-30 Glenn Burkhardt[bug #4302] errno is not always an extern int
2002-07-02 Ken HornsteinAdd/update copyright notice in all source code files.
1999-07-16 Dan HarklessEliminated compilation warnings.
1999-04-30 Doug MorrisInitial revision